Barry Nelson

Who We Are

Barry and Lisa Nelson are retired Master Sergeants. Barry was born and raised in Central Wisconsin. After 20 years in the Army he retired to Lisa's hometown of Manitowoc.

Lisa is also a retired Master Sergeant who served 20 years in the Army Reserves. She was born and raised in Manitowoc, Wisconsin.

The couple were been stationed around the World including Germany, California, Hawaii and Virginia.

Learn more  about their experience, education and training at the profiles below.


Meet the Nelsons

The Nelsons are often looking for unique challenges and opportunities to help others. Learn more about who they are and see how they can help you.

Barry Nelson

Consultant, Realtor and Retired Senior Army Leader

Barry has worked with local homebuilders, importers and cheesemakers since retiring from the Army in 2012.

He is active in community development and often takes lead on property acquisition and day to day maintenance for the couples investment properties.

During his Army career he served with US special operations and conventional units as a legal expert and instructor.

Lisa Nelson

Estate Solutions Expert, Realtor and Retired Army Reserves Senior Leader

Lisa has served as a senior level real estate manager coordinating the occupancy rates, physical property conditions and managing staff for a 1,000 unit company.

She was a senior logistician for a major retailer's distribution center.

During her military career managed 100,000's of rounds of ammunition and ordinance for the entire Iraq and Afghanistan theater of operations during separate deployments.

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